What are they looking for

and what is their end goal?

There are many paths in life, with a million different destinations at the end. White Fox Studios will design a site that will create a voice that compels the user to take the plunge, and explore with you. Each website we design is mobile responsive, and works on every platform, so you can be certain to catch any jet setters eye in every place possible. Whether you're a resort, booking service, or destination, we can create a website that captures the users imagination, while proving that you are the place to be. You can rest easy knowing that your website is generating leads for you, while you focus on creating life long memories for your clientele.

How do you design sites for


We study your audience interests, demographics, as well as behaviors so that you can use your travel website as tool that will engage new audiences and returning visitors. We handle everything from web development, site design, hosting and maintenance. We focus on optimizing every aspect of your website in order to highlight the value you offer, so that you can increase bookings of your tours and activities. We ensure that your vision is conveyed in a clear and precise manner that will immediately attract a user into being a converted lead.

How will my

site convert?

Our designs are developed to look great and feel natural on all devices, platforms, screen sizes, and orientations. Each page is heavily scrutinized from top to bottom at every size on every platform and meticulously adapted to make the most out of the available space. Your brand is the most valuable thing you own and we make sure to feature your logo consistently across all platforms in order to strengthen brand awareness and maintain a positive relationship with customers. Most importantly, we give you and your visitors an unparalleled ability to turn their visit into a lead. We employ calls-to-action in order to let customers reach out and be reached while also making sure your contact information is readily available and easily accessed without having to exhaustively search the site.

White Fox Studios has a proven track record

of maximizing your return on investment

Through our web design we help our clients increase traffic, boost conversion, and multiply repeat business. The goal of our web design is to persuade your site visitors, clients and customers to make the purchasing decision or action that is going to increase conversion and generate a profitable return on your investment.