What are they looking for

and what is their end goal?

You want your students, and more importantly, their parents to be able to access information about your Institution at any given time. Through the use of a cleanly laid out website, with a clear navigation, not only will your pupils be able to find information that they need, but so will your faculty, and the students parents be able to as well. Maybe you have a portal that students use for work? We can easily integrate that into your website's design so that it is easy to locate. Need a calendar with a list of events? We can easily incorporate this into your website, so that every person who needs to be informed about upcoming events can find them.. Need information on the go? No problem! All of our sites are designed to be responsive with all devices and platforms.

How do you design sites for


We make sure that your School's Mission Statement is clearly conveyed throughout the content of your website, while ensuring that your users are clearly informed and not overwhelmed. Our visual elements are designed to attract immediate attention and be aesthetically pleasing while providing outstanding user experiences. The visual elements of your site will tell the story of your business in a way that mere words cannot convey. We use these elements to inspire user engagement and elicit excitement through site interactions.

How will my

site convert?

Our designs are developed to look great and feel natural on all devices, platforms, screen sizes, and orientations. Each page is heavily scrutinized from top to bottom at every size on every platform and meticulously adapted to make the most out of the available space. Your brand is the most valuable thing you own and we make sure to feature your logo consistently across all platforms in order to strengthen brand awareness and maintain a positive relationship with customers. Most importantly, we give you and your visitors an unparalleled ability to turn their visit into a lead. We employ calls-to-action in order to let customers reach out and be reached while also making sure your contact information is readily available and easily accessed without having to exhaustively search the site.

White Fox Studios has a proven track record

of maximizing your return on investment

Through our web design we help our clients increase traffic, boost conversion, and multiply repeat business. The goal of our web design is to persuade your site visitors, clients and customers to make the purchasing decision or action that is going to increase conversion and generate a profitable return on your investment.