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Our focus is simple, to accelerate your marketing efforts to generate more leads. Local business marketing plans start at just $400 per month and small businesses start at $1600 per month. Our marketing plans offer all the services under our belt from web development and technical SEO to social media support. We spend collective time planning and developing a catered campaign to implement. We speak plain english, each service we call to have a conference and followup with a completed work deliverable with more stats and analytics than you probably care to read. If you need a website, visit our web design page.

  • SEO / SEM & Digital Marketing

    From technical SEO to managing Facebook ad campaigns, we attract targeted traffic for your business. This type of marketing is the most targeting form of advertising that exists. We guarantee your business will gain exposure thru our efforts. Our marketing plans do not include ‘ad’ budget. It includes all the services in this block, but we recommend you allow us a budget for Google Adwords, and possibly Facebook ads. We have ranked (SEO) our customers for some of the most competitive terms in the state, and nation.

  • Website Changes & Support

    Want a new picture or blog added? Send a quick email or call from your phone and we'll update your website within one business day. Any content or design changes can be made thru sending an email, which creates a support ticket for us to address. Would you like to make changes yourself? We'll provide login instructions so our time is spent more on getting you new customers. You will have full control over the website, and will own it with no strings attached if you want to quit.

  • Website Design

    How aggravating is it that your website needs to be re-designed every couple years? With White Fox plans, you’ll only have to do it once. We continually update the design each year as part of your service so the design stays ahead of the curve. We take your brand and breathe life into it thru design so customers can be convinced your business is the right fit. We develop and design every part of the conversion and sales funnel so when increase traffic comes, the site is set up to make a big impact. We’ll send you reports highlighting the performance of leads, traffic, rank and maintenance tasks.

  • Conference Calls and Reporting

    Each service day, whether weekly or monthly - includes scheduled conference calls to discuss priorities, goals and scope of work. We then provide the marketing service, and follow up with an email deliverable detailing all the completed work, along with website stats and lead generation performance. Being a transparent SEO firm, we explain exactly what we provide in plain english, so you’re not left in the dark to wonder. You can be as involved as much or little as you desire. We provide more information than most folks want, and we’re proud of that.

  • Scheduled Backups

    The reality is there are bad folks out there looking to destroy anything and everything on the web, and some hold it for ransom. There are also things that go wrong, crashes happen, things break. With our scheduled backups we eliminate that so you can rest easy. And if your site does go down, we work around the clock to get it back up. In our opinion, all these things are necessary for a successful online operation. We go much further than providing SEO.

  • Rank Reporting

    Your local, or national SEO service is tracked by several different metrics including rank for targeted terms, bounce rates, average time on page, load times, conversions and much more. We provide all this information, and given a history you can see the trends and how your investment is paying off. Message us for an example of one of our reports.

  • Traffic Reporting

    We use embedded Google Analytics code in your website to track user behavior. These metrics tell us how many visitors per day visit your website, how long they stay, what pages they viewed, what device they viewed it on and much more. This data helps us understand how potential customers are behaving so ultimately we can redefine elements of the website to improve user experience, resulting in more leads and a more healthy SEO score.

  • Conversion Design

    Conversion design is a service we provide to improve the metrics, err - to get more leads out of your website. Basically we design two different page designs, and tell Google to delegate the traffic between the two - to find out which performs better, leading to more sales. Once your website is ranking and populating, we look at the metrics to improve the conversion rate to get more leads. A conversion is when you convert a website visitor into a lead, or contact. So if five out of 100 folks who visited the site called your business, the conversion rate is 5%. Maybe we want to improve that to 6 or 7%, we will design two different contact pages and make them compete, and choose the better one. Let’s say a contact page has a bounce rate of 70%, a 70% bounce rate is where 70 out of 100 people left the contact page. We then determine what’s causing the high bounce rate, and make improvements to the layout, design or on-page signals to improve that metric.

What Is


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is tuning your website to maximize visibility in Google Search and Maps. Below you'll find the six pillars of success:


Making sure your content is more informative than competitors + written to generate leads & sales.


Making sure you have more references to your website from higher quality sources.


Makings sure you have accurate consistent directory listings


Making sure your webpages load quickly + efficiently on all devices and connection speeds


Making sure your connections are encrypted and protected from malware + spam


Making sure your visibility on Google Search sets you apart from competitors and maximizes click through rate.

More Technical

SEO Factors

Our plans start with a meeting or phone conference detailing our process and learning about your business. From day one you'll see why White Fox is the leader in search marketing and customer service. Your competitors likely have a search marketing firm trying to out-rank your website, so don't hesitate to contact us and learn more.

Page Speed / Mobile Signals

Ranking Factors

  • Page speed & load time
  • Mobile device user friendly
  • User engagement
  • Responsive layout
  • Critical information placement
  • Intuitive function
  • Page intent

Google My Business Signals

Ranking Factors

  • Proximity and area of service to point of searcher
  • Inputting correct categories in GMB
  • Keyphrase in business title
  • Physical address in city of search
  • Local area code / Age of page
  • Owner verified pages
  • Consistency with key directories

Citations / Location Signals

Ranking Factors

  • IYP/aggregator NAP consistency
  • Citation volume
  • Citation quality
  • Accuracy and Consistency
  • Quantity from industry relevant directories
  • Citation authority

Reviews / Social / User Signals

Ranking Factors

  • Quantity / diversity of reviews
  • Quantity of native Google reviews
  • Yelp Rating
  • Facebook page link likes
  • Twitter link shares
  • Personalized results based on behavior

On-Page SEO Signals

Ranking Factors

  • Presence of contact information
  • Keywords & locations in page titles
  • Domain authority
  • Service areas in page titles and content headings
  • Page intent is prominent above the fold
  • User engagement is high and prevelant
  • Optimized media assets

What People

Are Saying

Fantastic web designers! They have definitely helped direct new clients to my law office! Highly recommend White Fox Studios for your Web marketing needs...
Landon Dunn
Landon A. Dunn, PA
Benji and his bunch are an excellent group of Web/Marketing/SEM/SEO people that speak English. Their goal is lead generation and they deliver. JD, Byro, and Michael are very capable at everything we throw at them. From traditional outdoor signage design to a web widget needing designed by tomorrow, these guys ALWAYS step up.
Steve Hall
Hearthstone Log Homes
The staff at White Fox is incredible!! They handle all of our online placement and manage our website. Since having them our company has grown daily. We can not thank them enough!
Michelle Cox
All Star Lock & Security
Excellent firm that provides professional results in a timely manner. I would recommend these guys to anyone needing a professional website built or maintained. They will get it done right.
Brannen Cunningham
Spark Smith
These guys rock! Had us ranking in the top 3 within 6 months.
Marc Anthony
Emberstone Chimney Solutions
I highly recommend White Fox Studios for web design, web maintenance, SEO targeting, design, and more. I've been an early and long-time customer for my business website, and more recently for a judicial campaign website. Their staff is incredibly efficient, and they respond to questions and changes needed very quickly. They know their stuff.
Mark Melrose
Melrose Law

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