What Is


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is tuning your website to maximize visibility in Google Search and Maps.


Making sure your content is more informative than competitors + written to generate leads & sales.


Making sure you have more references to your website from higher quality sources.


Makings sure you have accurate consistent directory listings


Making sure your webpages load quickly + efficiently on all devices and connection speeds


Making sure your connections are encrypted and protected from malware + spam


Making sure your visibility on Google Search sets you apart from competitors and maximizes click through rate.

How We


Our plans start with a sit down or phone conference detailing our process and learning about your business. From day one you'll see why White Fox is the leader in search marketing and customer service. Your competitors have a search marketing firm trying to out-rank your website so give us a call and let's make a plan to take your share of the market.

Page Speed / Mobile Signals

Ranking Factors

  • Page speed & load time
  • Mobile device user friendly
  • User engagement
  • Responsive layout
  • Critiical information placement
  • Intuitive function
  • Page intent

Google My Business Signals

Ranking Factors

  • Proximity and area of service to point of searcher
  • Inputting correct categories in GMB
  • Keyphrase in business title
  • Physical address in city of search
  • Local area code / Age of page
  • Owner verified pages
  • Consistency with key directories

Citations / Location Signals

Ranking Factors

  • IYP/aggregator NAP consistency
  • Citation volume
  • Citation quality
  • Accuracy and Consistency
  • Quantity from industry relevant directories
  • Citation authority

Reviews / Social / User Signals

Ranking Factors

  • Quantity / diversity of reviews
  • Quantity of native Google reviews
  • Yelp Rating
  • Facebook page link likes
  • Twitter link shares
  • Personalized results based on behavior

On-Page SEO Signals

Ranking Factors

  • Presence of contact information
  • Keywords & locations in page titles
  • Domain authority
  • Service areas in page titles and content headings
  • Page intent is prominent above the fold
  • User engagement is high and prevelant
  • Optimized media assets


You Get

  • Digital Marketing Services

    You pay a monthly rate, and all our services are at your disposal from local SEO to programming a widget. We delegate service hours spent on your business based on team planning. Our team brainstorms what it takes to get your website ranked and profitable and then we execute. More detailed service information can be found below.

  • Website Changes & Support

    Want a new picture on the home page? Sending a quick email or call from your phone and your website will be updated within one business day. Any content or design changes can be made thru sending an email, which creates a support ticket for us to address. Would you like to make changes yourself? We'll provide login instructions so our time is spent more on getting you new customers.

  • Website Design

    To prevent your site from requiring a re-design every couple years, we continually update the design as part of your service. We also provide conversion design services, where we'll develop two pages, and have them compete each other to learn which one performs at it's sales peak. This service saves monies and increases revenue. We take your brand and company culture and breathe life into it on the web through design and fit that snuggly into a layout that makes sense to your customers to use and contact you directly giving them all the information needed to take that final step in the purchasing decision. We design every part of the conversion/sales funnel experience from researching a need to paying for the solution to that need. Our local SEO services push traffic to the website, so it's important that the website is adaptable and has the right features to generate leads. We'll send you recurring reports for you to review highlighting your website's performance in generating leads, traffic, rank, deliverables, maintenance and support requests.

  • Conference Calls and Reporting

    Each White Fox plan includes a scheduled conference call to discuss priorities and goals. You may have a new project or article to publish, or a new campaign to advertise. We pride ourselves as customer service oriented, and your future service rep will prove that. Once the scheduled service is completed, we email deliverables including what we provided, and what your website stats are. Being a transparent local SEO firm, we tell you exactly what services we performed each month. Even further, we explain what the terms mean and why we're implementing a particular service to your campaign. We provide more information than most business owners want, and we're proud of that.

  • Scheduled Backups

    Each month your website is backed up in the event of a hacker or crash we can restore the website immediately. In our opinion, all of these services and features are part of local SEO as they all are connected in one form or another.

  • Rank Reporting

    Your local SEO service is tracked by monitoring your rank for the target key phrases. We send you a report with each service to monitor our progress.

  • Traffic Reporting

    We use embedded Google Analytics code in your website to track user behavior. These metrics tell us how many visitors per day visit your website, how long they stay, what pages they viewed, what device they were on and much more. This data helps us understand how potential customers are behaving so ultimately we can redefine elements of the website to improve user experience, resulting in more leads.

  • Conversion Design

    Conversion design is a service we provide to get more leads out of your current website. By implementing two designs, and telling Google to delegate the traffic - we can learn which style performs better, leading to more sales. Designing to Convert - Once your website is ranking and populating, we look at the metrics to improve the conversion rate to get more leads. Let's say we find that your primary service page has a bounce rate of 70%. Bounce rate is the number of visitors to the page that exit the website immediately without taking any actions on that page. We then determine why it's not performing, adjust the layout and test the performance over the next month, we may also look at where the visitors are coming from and improve other on-page signals in the process. Being that conversion design is about leads we also evaluate your conversion rate or the percentage of visitors taking actions to contact your business and make improvements to the layout, design and/or on-page signals to improve that metric as well.

What People

Are Saying

We are more than pleased with the work of Ben and White Fox Studios! They have taken our website from a dud to one that gets constant compliments and messages. We recommend them highly to anyone wishing to improve their marketing and web presence.
George Blackburn
Smoky Mountain Log Homes
Ben remade The Print Haus website, and has done a fantastic job! Not only that, he has given us a presence in Facebook. He maintains constant contact with us, making sure we are satisfied and giving us ideas of other avenues for advertising. We have been really proud to have our new site seen, and highly recommend Ben and his team!
Lee Kuhlman
The Print Haus
Benji and the Crew at White Fox Studios are awesome at what they do. They have significantly helped our company in marketing and have generated more clients from our website than ever in our 18-year history. I highly recommend White Fox Studios
Ron Cramm
Blue Ridge Post & Beam
I have been with White Fox Studios for about a year, and I'm still here because I like their work, and it benefits my business. I recommend White Fox for their web design and search optimization. Jose Reyes with Kings Haywood Construction.
Joses Reyes
Kings Haywood Construction Inc
Never has Web design, posting & hosting been so easy for me before. It always seemed to involve several entities who did not communicate with each other. The folks at White Fox have made it a breeze. They are very communicative, innovative and upbeat. They are professionals and have prepared themselves to do the job right. Their streamlined billing system takes out all the confusion. I HIGHLY recommend their services.
Mary Stewart
Stewart Builders
We are pleased with the services provided by White Fox Studios. They are knowledgeable, efficient, and creative. It is a pleasure doing business with them.
Janet Metzger
Burl Wood Gallery